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7 Sustainable Natural and Organic Skin Care Products

A daily skin care regimen is one of the easiest ways to ensure long-term skin health and a glowing complexion. Natural and organic skincare products, in particular, combine essential vitamins, botanicals and minerals to heal and restore our skin without harming our bodies or the planet. They are our favorite types of products to use when seeking to improve and care for our skin.

Natural skin care products are great if you want to promote healthy skin with fewer artificial ingredients, chemicals and fragrances. Unfortunately, many skincare products contain harmful chemicals that can damage our skin and health.

Instead, natural skin care products harness the power of ingredients such as plant extracts and oils, which are often gentler on the skin with less chance of irritation and adverse reactions. These ingredients also tend to be rich in absorbable vitamins and nutrients that help support your skin’s barrier.

Natural skincare brands also tend to source sustainable ingredients and minimize their environmental impact through organic farming and eco-friendly packaging. If you’re looking to reduce your exposure to synthetic substances, choosing clean skincare products can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful ingredients while helping to improve our planet!

1. Mukti Organics

This Mukti Organics skincare collection spans cleansers, award-winning exfoliants, serums, deodorant and hair care developed to nurture the skin of all these areas back to balance. Taking a holistic approach to their naturally organic products, and backing it up with scientific formulations, the Mukti Organics collection expertly caters for all skin types with unrivaled results. The Mukti Marigold Hydrating Creme is a must-have for normal to dry skins as this certified organic moisturiser expertly rescues parched skins to leave them feeling comfortably nourished.

2. Eco Tan

Eco by Sonya Driver is an absolute force in the natural skincare space thanks to the certified ingredients within each product. This is in addition to their superior selection of skincare, makeup and ever popular Eco Tan tanning products. Created as an alternative to conventional beauty products and free from nasties, this Aussie born brand shot to stardom with their sell-out and cult favourite product Eco Tan Face Tan Water. Offering luxurious golden tans (minus the orange tinge) and superior natural skincare, this award winning beauty brand is a must-have in your regime.

3. Endota Spa

Australian’s are turning to organic and natural skin care products for a simple reason. We care about what we’re putting in our bodies and how products affect our health. Additionally, Australia is enriched with nature furthermore providing sustainably sourced ingredients for our skin.

Endota Spa is renowned for its nurturing natural skincare range and Endota Spa Clean products. Formulated with natural ingredients rich in antioxidants, fruit acids and oils, their products, therefore, offer only the gentlest of benefits. Certified organic and cruelty-free, each product is made with integrity and care.

4. Kora Organics

No one knows the rigours of beauty like a model! This is why the Australian-born model Miranda Kerr decided to create a line of skincare that was gentle on the skin, as well as on the planet. Featuring totally vegan, cruelty-free products that are never tested on animals, KORA uses only certified natural and organic ingredients in its award-winning lineup.

Believing makeup should nourish as well as beautify, KORA’s natural ingredients feature the powerful properties of noni extract, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, green tea, essential oils and aloe vera. Therefore, the result is a natural product that carries a healthy hit of antioxidants without compromising the purity of the product. With no need for synthetic scents, sulfates, parabens, herbicides, pesticides or formaldehyde. Moreover, enjoy KORA’s spread of rejuvenating and enlightening products including KORA Organics moisturisers, cleansers, toning mists, treatment oils, exfoliants, eye creams, facial masks and more.

5. Alya Skin

It’s the brand creating glow-worthy formulas. Alya Skin is driven by its desire to boost your confidence with a problem-free complexion. What’s even better? Containing natural ingredients, their range is therefore gentle on your skin. Whether it be to detoxify with the Alya Skin Pink Clay Mask or nourish with the native berried moisturiser, Alya Skin allows your skin to thrive naturally.

Furthermore, utilising the beneficial properties of pomegranate extract, Aloe or Fruit Extract, witness the power of natural skincare.

6. Vanessa Megan

Never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat… that’s what Vanessa Megan said! And she’s right. Designing clean beauty solutionsand the renowned Vanessa Megan natural fragrance, their products capture the purity of natural ingredients. Therefore, creating gentle formulas, the range is founded on simplicity and effectiveness.

Creating skincare derived from wild-harvested and bio-available ingredients allows us to rely on Vanessa Megan’s foundation. Furthermore, utilising the properties of natural extracts and oils, the skincare brand, therefore, provokes benefits to your skin.

7. Inika Organics

INIKA Organic’s claim to being the #1 certified organic beauty brand used by professionals around the world is spot on as their products are totally pure. Their cosmetics feature the trendiest colours, providing long-wearing, jaw-dropping results that are perfect for all skin types. As a beautiful extension of this, you’ll find INIKA Organics skincare brimming with cutting-edge natural formulations that covers targeted serums, night cream, day cream, exfoliant, eye cream and so much more. The product choice is astounding with a focus on active botanicals to stimulate the skin’s natural functions to nurture it back to health.

Certified organic, cruelty-free and halal, these products take environmental consciousness to the level, even going so far as to ensure their product packaging is recyclable as well as their cosmetic containers.